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By rsanchez | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Monday, June 12th, 2017 at 4:34 pm

When you think of auto maintenance, washing your car, truck, or SUV probably doesn’t come to mind. But it should! There are many reasons why keeping the outside of your vehicle clean should be a priority, from pure aesthetics to retaining value.

Why is washing your car important?

Regularly washing your car has a variety of benefits. To start with, the car just looks better. It’s no secret why new vehicles at a dealership have sparkling, glossy paint jobs. Not only does it enhance the look of the vehicle, it also maintains the value. When you wash your car regularly, you are ensuring that as much of its value as possible is retained which is important if you plan to trade it in eventually.

How often should you wash your car?

There’s no one right answer to how often you should wash your car. How you use your vehicle, where you live, and the age of your vehicle all play a factor. Do you enjoy taking your car off-road? Do you commute on salty roads during snowy winters? No matter where you go, there’s dirt and dust in the air that continuously come in contact with your vehicle. That dirt will stick to your car due to the moisture that’s naturally in the air. Bugs and other creatures can also leave their marks on your paint job. Just like oil changes and tire rotations, it’s best to think of washing your car as part of your routine maintenance – the more you drive your car and the more wear and tear it endures, the more frequently it should be washed.

How does dirt damage your car’s finish?

When dirt and dust build up, moisture is trapped. As you drive, all of the moisture and dirt that are continually in contact with your car’s clear coat start to move around, making tiny scratches. Over time, those scratches can become bigger and eventually cause serious trouble. Once the clear coat becomes damaged, moisture and dirt can easily get underneath and affect your vehicle’s paint, or worse, the exterior can start to rust.

What else should you look for?

While washing your car is a perfect time to inspect other parts of your vehicle, such as the headlight and taillight lenses, mirrors, and valve stem caps, to make sure nothing is loose or in need of repair. Also be sure to take a peek under the hood to check for other possible maintenance issues like loose wires, broken cable ties, and loose connections to other vital components such as the battery. If you spot a part or area that needs attention, you can fix it before something goes wrong while driving. Our Toyota Service Center in Tinley Park, IL offers a multitude of services to ensure your vehicle stays in perfect working order.

Keep your vehicle in tip-top shape with regular washings and routine maintenance. Let our service experts at Orland Toyota help you get the job done by scheduling a service appointment.



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  2. Arnulfo Stanley says:

    It is important to wash your car. Washing your car on a regular basis will preserve the finish on your speed machine. A high-end car wash not only removes the dirt, but also adds years of life to your vehicle’s appearance. To prevent the deterioration of paint, improve safety, increase resale worth, and maintain a clean look, you have to wash your car on a regular basis. Doing car wash by appointing a deft car professional- will help you to get this maintenance errand done effectively.

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